Tracie Hitz on Steps

I'm Tracie, a branding strategist who uses storytelling to help people achieve anything they want in life. Whether it's in sports, entertainment or even dating, the core structure is the same: Set Your Goal. Tell Your Story. Achieve Your Dream. I never let "no" get in my way. In fact, I see challenges as opportunities to do something even better. There is always another way if you believe in the plan. Work the plan. Adjust the plan.

I have over 20 years of marketing, sales, writing and branding experience that has allowed me to work with elite athletes, national champions, notable artists, companies and doctors, as well as a charitable organization that gives a voice to children in need all across the world. It's a voice. It's a story. It's a dream.

For those who dream of finding their perfect person, the process is still the same, which I outline in my first book, Ms. Calculated: A Dating Plan So Easy A Teenager Can Do It.  If you don't know who you are looking for, it's not easy to find them. Set your goal. Tell your story. Land your date.

I'm a frequent speaker across the country for multiple industries because I teach, support and motivate people and organizations with the same core branding process that is centered around storytelling. And holding people accountable. If you don't put in the effort, don't expect the results. I believe in my process. I believe in my clients. I believe anything is possible. Click here to see some of my proudest moments as I've lived the process, and please subscribe to my newsletter to stay motivated, learn and grow.

I would love to hear what your dreams are, and how many people said you couldn't achieve them. Contact me at if you want to prove them wrong!