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My life took a huge leap forward when I figured out that taking time to set my strategy for the day would allow me to save time, money and energy in all areas of my life. I set my goals and held myself accountable for them by doing something every day that would get me closer to achieving them.

To stay inspired, I read books, scrolled social media for inspiring stories and checked in with the friends who knew me best. I also signed up for newsletters from some of my favorite marketers so the motivation was delivered directly to my in box. A few years ago, my fiancee started forwarding inspirational quotes to me that were sent to him by his co-worker every day. I loved these emails, so being able to create my own inspiration every week has been amazing. If you would like to have my weekly newsletter delivered to you, please drop an email to me at You can also subscribe to receive my blog post when they go live.

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