My Story

I am drawn to helping people, I am fascinated by the dating process and I thrive in a sales environment, so when I realized that my years of marketing experience could help other people enjoy the process of finding their true love, I just had to start writing about it. I posted marketing advice every single day for a full year to show people that marketing is simply telling your story. Whether it was to get a date or get a job, you can sell yourself to achieve whatever you want in life. We all have a unique story to tell, and I was excited to be helping people write theirs.

After a few years of using one blog for both objectives, I had the opportunity to join the Tribune Media Group to split my blogs so I could truly focus my efforts on each audience. That was when my ChicagoNow Hitz & Mrs blog was launched, borrowing the blog name from my parents who used this as their team name for their bowling league back in the 80s. With 51 years of marriage (and counting), this name seemed perfect for sharing stories and giving advice.

With decades of sales experience, I’ve been applying marketing principles to my personal life that led to over 175 first dates (aka over 175 possibilities). Throughout that journey, I’ve shared my stories to help friends, family and over 100,000 of my readers learn how to market themselves to a first date. When I look back at the guys who meant the most to me, I realized that I always used marketing tactics to land those first dates, and in some cases, I didn’t even know I was doing it. Like when I finally got that first date with my high school crush, it turns out that I had implemented quite an extensive marketing plan to make it happen, including a call to the house phone that his Mom answered when I finally got the courage to ask him to the Vice Versa Dance. I’m sweating a little bit just thinking about it, but I’m so happy that I did!

Fast forward to the moment when I actually made the connection between marketing and dating. It was that moment when the possibilities seemed endless. That I would find the man of my dreams if I just set my mind to it. I would no longer listen when people told me that love would come to me when I least expected it. Nope, no more waiting around. I was going to go out and get it!

Of course, with possibilities come obstacles, but I just laughed as I powered through the dates where he asked our waitress if she knew where he could by weed, and the one where the guy asked who all the hot girls were in my Facebook photos. Good or bad, every date was an opportunity to learn something about myself that I could use to tweak my plan and get back out there because that’s when I met the guy who had me laughing until my face hurt Don’t wait for love to find you. Let’s go get it!