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When you power through your dating fears, you open yourself up to embrace the possibilities. I embraced over 175 possibilities over eight years of dating, and while that may sound exhausting, it was an incredible opportunity for growth in my life. For years I’ve shared my dating stories with friends, family and over 100,000 strangers (aka my faithful blog readers) so they can learn how to market themselves to their own first dates. When you know how to land a date, you have everything you need to find your very last first date.

In addition to teaching people how to set goals and effectively tell their stories, I encourage everyone to stay positive, grow from every date and, most importantly, get back out there. With my four-step program, I ensure that plans are followed so you can have the life filled with the love you deserve. I am your virtual wingwoman.

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Download my marketing roadmaps to learn how to set your goal, tell your story and land your date. And how to have fun doing it! Learn marketing principles that will show you how to be more efficient in the dating world so you can stop wasting your time, money and energy.

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Take time to set your foundation before you jump in.

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Learn how to set goals and make a plan that will get you a first date.

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Over 175 first dates in eight years, folks. And I’m grateful for every single possibility. Even the guy who ordered his food before I got to the restaurant.

Visit my blog on Mondays to see how marketing principles are rooted in landing every date, and what you can learn from my adventures to develop a marketing plan to create your path to finding love.

Let’s share some laughs as we come together in this dating world to figure out how every date will ultimately lead you to the person who was meant for you. The possibilities really are endless!

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My Wolfpack

Tracie not only provided me with advice, but also opportunity to strategically market myself to catch the eye of one of her friends at an event she put together. I did get his attention as soon as I entered the room because of what I wore and my additional prep work to have stories ready about our common interests. Not only did we hit it off that night, he asked me out on a date the very next day. Tracie’s strategies and advice were instrumental in making that connection.

Chelcie in Indiana

Dating is hard. Tracie knows about every single date I've ever gone on since my life was flipped upside down in 2015. She knows about every guy that I had great conversation with (not many), the hopeful ones that turned out to be serious disappointments, the nicknames to help distinguish a specific kind of guy I was dating, the ones I (literally) ran away from, and even every one who ghosted me or sent the most bizarre text messages months after we stopped talking.


Because Tracie is so approachable, trustworthy, non-judgmental, and most of all, so real (hashtag relatable). She's loved, she's been hurt, she's said "yes" to way more dates than I can even fathom, but it's because of her positive attitude and ability to keep living a great life that gave me the hope that all of the terrible would be a mere blip in my life when I found my person. She answered every text, entertained every one of my antics, and never once steered me in the wrong direction. Tracie actually wanted to see me find a great person to compliment my personality and life, and it was evident in her constant check-ins and support.

In case you were wondering, I DID find my person (HE'S AMAZING! And fun! And so kind and thoughtful. And adorable! And SO worth the wait!), and it's hard to even remember my dating life before him because it's just that special. I'm thankful for her playing the role of my #1 cheerleader (after my mom, of course) to find love. And for her encouraging me to have some fun along the way.

Nicole in New York

Tracie encourages me at all times to stay “out there”. She has this unbelievable optimism when it comes to dating. Like, there is not a question in her mind of why I would be single. She always pushes me to go for it! t

Marcy in California

Check out what else is happening in my wolfpack, and be sure to share some stories of your own.

Join My Wolfpack

Everything is easier with friends, especially positive people who are all working toward the same goal of finding love and who believe in the same process to get there. This group helps members gain knowledge and confidence, as well as provides encouragement to follow through with the plans they create, which is usually the hardest part! Plus, marketing experts from across the country will pop in periodically to join me in providing support throughout their journeys. When you purchase any of my services, you will be added to this private Facebook group as a bonus to ensure your success within my program. The possibilities are waiting for you!

Possibility Fund

A portion of the proceeds of the programs sold will be donated to the Michael Hitz Scholarship Fund, which will allow me to help others achieve their dreams in memory of my brother whose dreams were cut short when he passed away from cancer in 2014. I was in awe of how selfless my brother was, always putting others first. Giving everything he had to make sure even a complete stranger was happy. My brother was my biggest cheerleader so as a tribute to him, it is my life’s mission to be the same for those who need me.