Dating is Marketing Workshop and Trainings

I am bringing my book to life with my Dating is Marketing Workshop! Ms. Calculated: A Dating Plan So Easy A Teenager Can Do It provides a roadmap to getting first dates by using marketing tactics to sell yourself.


Tier One: Dating is Marketing Workshop (March 17, 2019 - March 17, 2020) - $1,000

I will teach you how to set your goal, create your plan, tell your story and land your dates in this four-part workshop that will be held online beginning March 17, 2109. The first half of the workshop will dive into goal setting, plan creation and telling your story with the second half of the workshop providing real-time advice as you start landing those dates!

This year-long workshop gives you the tools you need to get dates without feeling frustrated during the process. You will have access to me for a full year so I can help you create a dating plan built specifically for you to find "the one".

Click here to register now as space is limited. The workshop is only offered twice a year, so if you're ready, I would love to work with you!


Tier Two: Dating is Marketing Online Trainings (Monthly) - $50 per month

If you're ready to make some moves in 2019, but not sure you can fully commit to Dating is Marketing Workshop, join my Dating is Marketing Monthly Training where that will still help you get more dates in 2019. This Monthly Training is the middle tier of my dating services that was built for people who need someone to keep them from getting frustrated with the dating scene. I'm like a personal trainer, but for dating. In this online group training, each week we'll evaluate what's working and what needs tweaking to set you up for the most success in the dating world. I will help you save time, money, energy and frustration ... I will make dating fun! 

Try it out by registering for April's Monthly training today!


Tier Three: Ms. Calculated: A Dating Plan So Easy A Teenager Can Do It - $15 per book

When you purchase my book, Ms. Calculated: A Dating Plan So Easy a Teenager Can Do It, you will have lifetime access to my private Facebook group where you can ask me questions, take part in live videos and get support from other members of this community.

Purchase your copy today to get more dates in 2019! Plus, a portion of the proceeds of every book will be donated to my brother's memorial scholarship that will help others go after their dreams.


For questions about any of my Dating is Marketing resources, please reach out to me at