Brand Your Way to Love

Fear. Pain. Time. Money. Failure. Confidence. Guidance. Support. What’s keeping you from actively looking for the love of your life? Let’s work together to create a plan that allows you to take charge of your love life so that it will always be full of possibilities.

The answer to every “how did you meet story” is rooted in marketing. No matter how cute or random the story may be, the same marketing principles that work in business are used in dating. Whether they realize it or not, everyone is marketing themselves into a relationship. Imagine how much easier it would be if you knew exactly how to adapt these marketing strategies to your dating life?

My four-step program teaches you how to set your goal, tell your story and land the date. Evaluate the process and then repeat. Research shows that just by setting specific goals, you can increase your success rate in all aspects of life so let’s figure out what you want and then get intentional about what you’re doing to make it happen. Get started by joining my FREE private Facebook group and learning more about group and individual programs. Just drop me a quick email at for access.

Our group and individual dating programs will allow members to work with dating professionals to build a process that works for them as they get serious about meeting THE one. Programs start as low as $50 per month!  

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